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any comfort please???

Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by simseema17, Dec 20, 2000.

  1. Ok, so here I am...applied to 15 schools, and rejected from 3, and then today, bam, I got my 4th rejection (Buffalo). What a wonderful Christmas present.

    I CANNOT graduate and not know what I'll be doing in the fall...I'll go crazy. I cannot come home and know I'll be there indefinitely. So far I'm looking into post-bacc programs, but I just want to hear from the rest of the schools. I wonder if I have a chance still at Howard or Meharry? (if you don't know, my stats are 3.0 overall, 2.7 sci, 18/17 DAT/PAT).

    Any comforting advice would be appreciated. Right now I feel like the world is going to end for me, but there's a part of me that says, calm down, things will work out they way they're supposed to. Any advice/comments would be greatly appreciated...thanks [​IMG]

    "Wherever you go, there you are"
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  3. liza2002

    liza2002 New Member

    Dec 20, 2000
    I'm not sure if you've answered this before, but do you have extracurriculars/shadowing/research experience?
  4. groundhog

    groundhog 1K Member 10+ Year Member

    Nov 1, 2000
    First of all NEVER NEVER NEVER give up. Remember-you live in the United States of America - the land of unending educational opportunity(although you may have to find a way to pay for the extra chances). I'll give you just one idea although it is not for everybody. OK, you don't want to go home again and you want to be a dentist more than anything. Look, you will graduate with a degree in psychology. That is super. Now don't laugh - after you graduate, join the US Navy and sign up to be trained as a medical corpsman and work as a dental assistant. The military is in desperate need of dental assistants and I think the US Navy is the best branch if you are single. After your tour of duty (four years) the US Navy will pay you a good stipend to return to college. Do your post bac, knock out a whizz bang post bac GPA, smoke the DAT, and with your military dental experience you will be a shoe in at any dental school you choose. You will be in the driver's seat.
    Well, that was just one idea. Don't give up either on getting in to dental school this year. There are still a couple of selection rounds to go. Whatever happens don't give up. Giving up is the only sure way to fail.
  5. ilovinescu

    ilovinescu Junior Member 10+ Year Member

    Dec 23, 2000
    Philadelphia, Pa
    Don't give up!! There are better options then post-bac programs available. For example, NOVA, Barry University, PCOM, Chicago have master programs in the Biomedical sciences that will help you get into dental school. Usually the programs are one year in length, 36 cr in hard core medical sciences. Gross Anatomy, Histology, Biochemistry, Neuro, Pharm, Phisio, Pathophys. The list goes on.. It is a very challenging program. The students that complete it, and do well get accepted to dental/medical school and usually end up in the top 10% of their class. You study the same material as dental/medical students. I recomend looking up these schools, and asking them what the acceptace rate for dental school is, and where the students go. Also, if you look at dental school stats, some say they accept students with master degrees. Call the dental schools and find out where the students earned their master's from. I speak from experience. If you have any further queations e-mail me.

    [email protected]


  6. puffy1

    puffy1 Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Dec 5, 2000
    Don't worry too much about possibly not having any dental school to look forward to after you graduate. I (and many of my friends) was in the same position as you...mediocre grades, and getting no where with any professional school. Many of my friends were going on to bigger and better things right after graduation, and I felt like I was being left behind.

    I think you have to realize that you are not the only one out there in the same predicament as you. Going home won't be the end of the world, and if you can have financial support of your family, you can go take some post-bac courses full-time to improve on your stats. I would not advise going into any grad programs because most take at least 2 years to complete, and if you want to go to dental school next year, you may not have the chance to do it because dental schools (and most other professional schools) want you to complete whatever degree you started on. In other words, they want you to finish what you started.

    You can also improve on the DAT. That is a test that you can definitely improve upon in a hurry, since most of the information, especially on the sciences portion, can be studied and memorized (as opposed to the MCAT). I'd say finishing your Spring semester strong (>3.5 GPA), doing well on your post-bac (4.0 if possible), and raising your DAT to a 20 overall, you will greatly increase your chances at acceptance...that is if you don't get in this year.

    Don't give up, and don't dread the possibility of having to work a little harder for dental school. Persistence is a virtue.


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