Any current PT students or alumni from Thomas Jefferson or Loma Linda?

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Jun 22, 2017
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I have been accepted to both of these school and was trying to get some input from any current/former students from either of these universities. I don't have the opportunity to go visit these schools because I am currently stationed overseas in the military. Right now, I am leaning towards TJU because of the high graduation rate (97%) and board passing rate (100%) compared to Loma Linda's graduation rate of 87% and board passing rate of 95%. Can anyone tell me how the faculty treats their students and if the faculty takes extra time to help students in need out? I read that Loma Linda was pretty cutthroat towards students, but that was posted in 2011. Too me, money isn't an issue since I have my GI-Bill to cover 52k and saved up funds. TJU is offering me the Dean's scholarship that adds 5k per year. Loma Linda isn't offering anything to help me out. The big benefit of Loma Linda is that it is near home while Thomas Jefferson is across the country. Any input would be appreciated.

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