Any News from RUSH?

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Apr 4, 2002
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Hey guys, I have an upcoming interview at Rush (2 years in a row), I hope this time its not the agonizing waitlist again...I was wondering has anyone got in this year so far and has anyone been waitilisted? If so you would you mind giving me any advice for the interview and any tips for any particular interviewer (and if you wouldn't mind sharing your stats) Thanks ;)

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i know a friend who got accepted there recently, on dec 6th. she interviewed about a month ago i believe, and she's il resident. hope that helps
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thanks...keep any info coming, its much appreciated!
I received my acceptance last week and interviewed 2 weeks earlier. It's laid back, a nice school with students that are very happy. Just be yourself, I didn't feel pressured at all. Overall a great day with nice interviewers.
Very interesting...I interviewed a month ago and am still waiting my decision. But I think the reason given to me as to why it's taking so long is the truth. I'll hopefully find out this week.
any specific questions that you think I should prepare for that were not the "normal" type? Thanks. hey forcefield, if you don't mind...could you pm me your background so I kind have a rough feeling of what they are "looking for" thanks