Any PTs here practice in the Las Vegas area?

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Aug 1, 2012
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Hey guys. So I'm about 95% sure that I'm going to be starting PT school in Las Vegas this summer (still waiting to hear back from a couple schools), and I was wondering if anyone had any information about actually practicing in the area? I'm still not really sure where I will want to practice once I graduate, but since I'll already be in the Vegas area, it's something to think about. A few questions...

How was it finding a job here? From what I can tell by looking at job postings online, the job outlook here is pretty good. Is this true? What about when you were first out of school?

New bureau of labor statistics ( recently came out with 2013 numbers and the average salary for a PT in the Las Vegas area is 124k/year. Anyone have any numbers for what you and your friends/coworkers are making? How about right out of school? I ask this because the average salary here is significantly higher than most of the country. The cost of living is also relatively low for nicer areas like Henderson.

Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!