Sep 3, 2017
Hey guys! So I know that a high OAT score can help with a low gpa. But I was wondering if anyone here has a lot of retakes in courses like myself:/ my optomcas GPA for both cumulative and science would be around a 3.0, and my OAT scores are high (380 TS/ 370 AA). But what worries me is that I've retaken some classes like Chem 1 and Pre-Calc a little excessively(the grades weren't too good, some D's and like 3 F's). I passed Chem 2 with a C, and got an A in Orgo 1. I also got an A in Calculus. I scored well in the Gen Chem section on the OAT as well. I know my terrible grades will be a huge red flag. But I've really improved since then and I'm taking more than 18 credits this semester with good grades. Is there anyone who's in a situation like mine? Grade replacement really helped me because my bad grades were only in those classes.
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Aug 13, 2017
Not my situation, but I would think with OAT scores like that you definitely have a shot.
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