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  1. M

    Need Help Making a List of possible Med Schools

    Hi all! I’m a rising senior (one semester left) needing some help making up a list of medical schools -AA female -cgpa: 3.5 -sgpa: 3.2 -mcat: taking very soon and i’m scoring consistent 517-520 -B.A Biology -Africana studies minor -President of my university’s Black Student Alliance...
  2. F

    Premed office at my school useless, need advice.

    So to sum it up briefly, the premed offices in my school are pretty useless and I need some help. I'm a senior however due to me switching majors I'm going to graduate a semester late. One of the main reasons for the switch was I was previously an engineering major and my sophmore year I took...
  3. J

    Non-trad & low GPA

    Hello all! Long story short I am first-gen, sexual minority, and completed undergrad back in 2014 as a Human Biology major at UC San Diego (cGPA of 2.8, sGPA of 2.72) and did the majority of my lower divs at community college after having to move back home due to some family deaths and shaky...
  4. RedemptionThroughKnowledg

    WAMC + School List Nurse / DNP Student 3.27 cgpa and 503 MCAT

    Hello everyone! Thank you to this wonderful community for your time. I am a NonTrad who worked before college then went to Nursing School. I recently withdrew from a DNP program to pursue Medicine DO or MD I personally love both. I am finishing most of my prereqs this Summer. I have posted...
  5. B

    Assessing if I should apply

    Hi everyone :) hoping to get some advice!! Here’s my profile: Currently a management consultant at an MBB (top 3 firm) My overall college GPA was low— 3.4 with stark upward trend (senior year was 3.9) MCAT score 518 Had 2 funded research internships in a top hospital prior to MBB Have...
  6. S

    CO school for reinvention postbacc

    Need some help deciding on a school to postbac at. I'm in the serious reinvention category with a 2.86 undergrad gpa with a few Ds and Cs in my med school prereqs, so I am looking to retake those classes and then add on a bunch of upper level science classes to bump up my stats and show a strong...
  7. D

    Terrible undergrad GPA, what are my chances?

    I did terribly in undergraduate, was enrolled in one of those bs/dds accelerated program schools. The same old "excuse" per say but went through depression, domestic abuse, major anxiety, and was a diagnosed alcoholic. Graduated with 2.66 overall gpa and sub 2.5 sgpa. Went to therapy, got...
  8. 1

    Dominican University Bachelors of Medical Science Postbacc

    I am considering Dominican University's (Illinois) Bachelors of Medical Science for my postbacc program. I'm having trouble finding information about the program and was wondering if anyone has either been through the program or knows anything about the program. I struggled a lot in undergrad...
  9. HappyPerson

    Should I really give up on medicine?

    Hello, I’m usually not put down by others but my premed advisor really hurt me. I graduated 2 years ago with a bachelors in biology with a cumulative gpa of 3.46 and a amcas science gpa of 3.13 and aacomas science gpa of 3.21. I have thousands of hours of scribing, medical assitant, community...
  10. A

    WAMC Low GPA Canadian Non-Trad Applicant for US Schools (Post-Bacc)

    TL;DR What are my chances: UG GPA: 2.93 Post-Bacc: 4.0 oGPA: 3.22 (3.36 if I wait an extra yr) DAT: 27 AA Hi everyone, I'm feeling a little hopeless right now and after looking through multiple threads and not finding anybody in a similar situation to mine, I decided to make this post to see...
  11. ch3yruh

    WAMC c/o 2027

    Hi!! Long time lurker but this is my first time posting on here. This will be my 3rd cycle applying,1st cycle applied in 2019 and 2nd cycle applied 2021. Graduated undergrad with Animal Biology major and currently in an Laboratory Animal Science Masters (graduating spring 2022). Also, California...
  12. M

    SMP or DIY/Formal Post-Bacc for MD/PhD?

    Hi everyone, I am currently in my first gap year working in a lab full-time (3000+ research hours and hopefully 2 pubs by June 2022). I was looking to apply to MD/PhD programs for the 2022-2023 cycle but my stats are a bit lacking: 516 MCAT, 3.2 uGPA (3.74 sGPA, pretty severe downward trend...
  13. H

    WAMC's: 514 MCAT, 3.71 post-bacc, no MD ii's, MD vs DO?

    I'm about 6 years post-bacc and decided to apply to only MD schools after receiving my 514 MCAT, which I'm now worried was a mistake. I'm a bit non-traditional and was previously pre-PA before deciding I had it in me to pursue medical school in full. cGPA 3.38 (post-bacc cGPA 3.7), cBCPM 3.36...
  14. K

    WAMC: Low Master’s GPA, Good / decent DAT

    Hey all, I’ll just post my stats and let y’all do your thing. Have you heard of anyone getting into dental school w/ these stats? Im currently 80k in debt w student loans, so I’m trying to grasp for any hope at this point. I took the DAT once after undergrad. My last hope to make up for my...
  15. A

    WAMC? Low undergrap, high SMP

  16. captainClappa

    WAMC 20 DAT 3.1 cGPA 2.9 sGPA

    Date of submission: Sep 7 Overall GPA: 3.1 Science GPA: 2.9 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 2.65 DAT score: 20AA 20TS (18,19,24) 19PAT 20QR 17RC State of Residence: Ohio Major: Bio Definitely Count as disadvantaged, but not necessarily minority Reapplicant? No Nontrad? No, added a 5th undergrad year...
  17. G

    School list help for 2023

  18. I

    English PhD --> MD/Psychiatrist?

    Deleted! Thank you!
  19. vsanc085

    WAMC c/o 2026 * need reply before 29th!

    Hi everyone! I am a first time, florida resident, traditional applicant. I have applied to Washington, Florida, Colorado, Illinois, and Cornell. My GPA is 3.33 but was calculated as a 3.2 on VMCAS. I have two repeated classes and two classes I dropped. There is a significant increase in my...
  20. Z

    can I get into a do school with a low gpa?

    My gpa is 2.8. I had an upward trend in my last year (4.0= senior year) and my MCAT score is 520. I’ve had one year of research experience, 120 hrs of shadowing and a year of clinical experience. Do I have any chance at all to get into one do school? if not, what should I do to increase my chances?
  21. D

    Sending Out Cold Emails

    Hello! I'm a recent B.S. graduate that's trying to look for work in a research lab in the interim of trying to get into a masters, then further on Med School. It took me about six years (an extra two years after I walked at commencement) to officially graduate because of financial issues and...
  22. C

    DPT 2022 cycle

    Hey guys, This is my first time applying to DPT programs and I have been through the wringer to get to this point. I graduated with a BS in Kinesiology in 2018, but with pretty low cumulative GPA . So, for the last 3 years I have retaken a bunch of courses and prerequisites I didn’t do well on...
  23. nn0401

    What are my chances? Should I increase my school list? (MD+DO) (3.3cGPA/503/CA/URM)

    Hey y'all! Thanks for clicking. I feel like a hail mary applicant with my stats.. What are my chances? Should I increase the number of schools I've applied to (both MD and DO) just to increase my probability of an acceptance? 1. cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS or AACOMAS cGPA: 3.3...
  24. C

    WAMC - Low GPA decent DAT Chance me please!

    Date of submission: June 10th Overall GPA: 3.47 Science GPA: 3.28 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 3.18 DAT score (include AA and all sections): AA: 23 TS:24 PAT:22 QR:24 BIO:27 GC:22 OC:23 RC:20 State of Residence: CA Major: Neurobiology Minority? NO Reapplicant? NO Nontrad? NO Shadowing Experience...
  25. D


  26. C

    Pre-dent master's program suggestions?

    I am writing this thread looking for pre-dental master's programs to apply to. I'm looking for a degree-giving program that is tailored towards someone who has taken all the pre-reqs for dental school. I would prefer to stay in the midwest (I'm from Illinois) if possible but please post...
  27. J

    Be Honest, Is it possible to still make it into Physical Therapy school and to recover from my low undergraduate GPA??

    I am about to be a junior this Fall and my GPA is currently 2.6. I was in college thinking a lot about my major and I was undecided with what I wanted to do but I recently decided that I was interested in PA school and becoming a physical assistant My current major is in Accounting and I am...
  28. cocacola162004

    Need guidance or any tips

    Hi I am looking to get some guidance or help regarding my current situation. Any help will be greatly appreciated :) I graduated from McMaster university (Ontario, Canada) with a 3.59 cGPA BScN degree. I feel like my GPA is not competitive so I am intending to do another undergrad for 3-4...
  29. dinucleotidecarl

    Could I benefit from doing a DIY post-bacc this summer for this cycle?

    Hi everyone. This is a long one, so there's a TL;DR below. I graduated college in 2017 and have worked in both health care (scribe/scribe trainer, CMA) and elsewhere (Fulbright, teaching abroad) since graduation. Texas resident. I took all my prereqs in college and got a Pre-Health Professions...
  30. A

    Help me choose which masters/post-bacc program

    Hi everyone! I got into 2 masters programs and 1 post-bacc. I am having trouble choosing which one would be more beneficial in helping me get into dental school and also what program will stand out to dental schools while applying. What I hope to get out of the program is proving to dental...
  31. Dental0928

    How I got into Dental School with a Low GPA, 3.0 (2020 cycle)

    Hi guys, I will be starting dental school this coming August and I thought I could help some pre-dents out there who have a very low GPA and want to apply to dental school! I hope my mistakes can help guide you through to a dental school acceptance! This post will be my experience in depth so...
  32. S

    How to get into a US medical school with bad grades?

    I’ve attended a US accredited 4 year university but had to drop out because of family financial reasons/a tragedy happened in my life. My grades were perfect for the first two years of schooling, I was on the deans list for maintaining >3.8 GPA. suddenly my grades dropped in my last 1.5 years at...
  33. M

    Low GPA and worried

    Hello. I need help because I have an abysmal GPA and I was wondering what my chances are. And what kind of MCAT score I'd need -Residence: KY -Race: Middle Eastern - Biology Major with Chemistry Minor -GPA: 3.0 -Clinical Volunteering: 150 hours -Non-clinical Volunteering: 1800 hours -Work...
  34. HappyPerson

    WAMC cgpa 3.46 sgpa 3.13, MCAT 504

    Hello, I currently work as a high-school biology teacher at a title 1 school (over 95% of students are considered economically disadvantaged) and plan on applying to medical schools this coming cycle. I know my GPA is fairly low (possibly even for DO schools) but I have good experiences and...
  35. C

    Non Trad Low GPA Higher MCAT CA

    Hey guys, I'm a nontraditional 28 yo applicant, graduated class 2014 with biological sciences degree. Here are my stats: MCAT: 517 undergrad cGPA: 3.09 (including the postbacc "undergrad" courses) 2.92 (if I didn't include the postbacc) undergrad sGPA: 2.87 (including the postbacc "undergrad"...
  36. A

    Low GPA Waiver Letter?

    Hi everyone, I submitted most of my post-bacc applications and I just got my first rejection letter ... got me thinking I should have addressed my low GPA in my personal statement more. For the CAS system, they calculated my overall GPA to be 3.11 .... I didn't anticipate this, since I went to...
  37. N

    Looking for advice for probable reapplication (DO)

    Hello everyone! I am a current applicant (Asian, CA resident, 3.2 cGPA/3.15 sGPA, 507 MCAT >>> 512 Retake, 3000+ hours as a medical scribe, ~1000 hours as clinical research coordinator w/ no pub ). My school list consisted of 25 DO schools. So far, I received only one interview invite, which...
  38. B

    WAMC — Low GPA but evident passion for medicine?

    Hi. I am a 2nd year at a Top 5 public university. I have not done amazing in STEM classes so far (C- in Calc 2, B in Gen Chem 1 and Gen Chem 2, B+ in Genetics, on track to get a C in Organic Chem 1) and my current GPA is a 3.33 overall. I have over 6000 clinical hours as a volunteer EMT. I am...
  39. C

    Current PhD student looking for advice - confused on what the best path forward is

    Hi everyone! I'm feeling a bit lost on where to go from here and SDN seems like the best place to get some advice. After scouring through the threads I realized that I do have a few different paths forward, but am very confused as to how I should go about this About Me: I am currently a 3rd...
  40. J

    What are my chances? How can I improve them?

    Hi, I'm new to forums in general, so I'm not really sure how this works... I'm a senior in undergrad; I'm majoring in biology and minoring in studio art. I plant to take a gap year after graduating so I can gain experience and finish up and pre-requisites before applying. I'm going to list my...