Anyone Else... Complete since August and No Word? Or just got an interview recently?

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Oct 14, 2005
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I've been complete at Temple, Yale, Northwestern, Tufts, and Columbia since Late august to September 7th, the latest, and i haven't heard anything back from them. I've had interview invites to other schools, rejections from plenty of others, but heard nothing from these guys, while other people completed after me are getting interviews from these schools. Does my not hearing back mean that i'll be getting rejected when they send out rejections in march? Or has anyone else in my situation heard from these schools or others for interview late. I havent' been told anything about "hold" status for interviews, as I called the schools much earlier and they said they didn't do that. So any word from people? I need to stop checking my mail/e-mail non-stop, so i'd love to know. if i'm basically rejected then i'll be all done (yay and yike)