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Anyone have examples of good LORs?


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May 5, 2005
    there should be a tips and guidelines sheet at your school, check it out...

    they normally want things like: how hard was the class, how well you did compared to the other students, how well you did compared to students of your major, are you fit for med school, etc.
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    the only good LOR is one that concerns your characteristics that make you a good candidate for medical school. they usually go:

    hi i'm so and so and i am recommending myst for medical school. myst has worked with me blah blah blah been in my class blah blah blah and received blah grade.

    myst has demonstrated that she is blah blah blah. and blah for 5 more sentences.

    i recommend myst without any reservation and feel that she'll be an asset to your medical school blah blah blah.


    dr what's his face.


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    Jun 23, 2005
      Not only is this information important, but you also need to tell the author of your LOR what these people are telling you. In fact, you should type it out and print them a sheet. Maybe even tape it up to the side of their computer monitors in their offices.
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