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Dec 6, 2006
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what are some differences between the two?

I took some ap's in h.s.,I am a senior now. will classes in college be just as hard as ap classes as far as the work load and all go?


Material-wise, most of the AP and College stuff overlaps but in high school, they take attendance so you feel like you HAVE to go. In college, since no one is taking attendance for a 200+ lecture, you may become lazy. If you miss a 2 hour lecture, you are missing a lot of material.

For me (with the exception of bio), they are the same. Getting to class and staying awake for a good 2 hours of lecture is the hard part.


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Jan 2, 2006
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At my school the science courses are designed to negate previous AP experience so that made my life miserable for two years.
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Jan 25, 2007
Buffalo, NY
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my college, attendance is required. but then again, much smaller class then 200 students. But at the same time i do think that having to go to class every day makes your educational experience just a bit better. but then again i am very partial.

if you approached the AP courses the way you were supposed to, then yes the AP courses are simulation of whats to come. I have found that the AP, whether or not i got credit for them, were very helpful in preparing me for school. Plus AP Physics and AP Chemistry, made the college level chemistry and physics easier, and i was able to learn even more in those subjects, gave me a nice advantage over other students! If you think about it, AP exams are usually the same week as regular college final exams. So the pace is just about the same as well.


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Oct 20, 2006
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Honestly I thought some of my AP classes in high school were harder than general science classes in college. That could have to with the fact I did not take high school seriously and in college I feel I have matured and mixed partying and school better.

Also my college professors are much better at explain the material even though they move through it quicker. Just because a high school teacher got accredited at the community college doesn't mean they should be teaching college material, **** some of my high school teachers were about as dumb as they come and they were trying their hardest to pump out some more ******s. Sorry to any high school teachers out there, I did have some very special teachers that had great impact on my education!

In conclusion if you do well in AP classes you should be fine and dandy in college and if you struggle in AP don't worry, you will change a lot in college and learn how to learn!:)
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