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Feb 6, 2005
so i had a lot of AP credits coming into college and tested out of one semester of calculus and on of english composition (both of which appear on my transcript).. thus i actually only took one semester of each in college.. im wondering if because they are listed on my transcript (although not taken as an actual course) i am safe for all the schools that require one year of each, or if i would have to take them while im applying to med school.. or does it just depend on each individual school??


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Jan 6, 2005
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it depends on the school. if you look in the MSAR (med school admiss. requirements), it will usually specify whether AP credits are acceptable. you might also find this info on the school's admissions web page. some schools won't accept AP credit for any requirements, some will accept it for math, physics, & gen chem but nothing else, etc. i had the same issue... but if you have all your core sciences as actual college credit, you should be fine most places. good luck.


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Sep 30, 2004
Some places are more inclined to accept it if you took upper level classes in that field, after testing out of the intro classes with the AP. For example, say you tested out of Calc I with the AP and then took Calc II for credit. I'd say a good number of schools will say this is okay. Or say you test out of both semesters of intro bio but go on to take biochem and cell or genetics. Some schools would say it's okay. It does vary at every school, however. There is no blanket rule, so you will definitely need to check with each school before applying.


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Jul 27, 2004
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I did the exact same thing and had no trouble. In fact, I had ZERO actual taken-in-college English classes when I submitted AMCAS. Most schools seem to be lenient on their English requirements, but I totally agree that it's a good idea to check with each school. Math requirements especially vary so much anyway, with some requiring calculus and some not and so on, that there's no single answer.
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