APA vs APPIC for UCC internship

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Unlike many other doctoral-level healthcare fields, you will likely have to fight for a job, especially one in a geographically desirable location, when you finish your degree. Not completing an APA-approved internship now will **likely** force you to take a UCC job in a undesirable area in the future. You will likely be at this job for many years.

Thus, if I were you, I would favor spending one year @ an APA-approved internship site in a rural area over completing an APPIC site in a desirable urban aea

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With all due respect, thousands of men and women due tours of duty in 120 degree warzones where there doesn't thappen to be a Starbucks on every corner. I think some adapatibility may be in order here. Plant roots where you want and needs, that stability/environment is important for a marriage and a family. But, my take is that you can/should be able to live amywhere for a year if it benefits the rest of your professional life.
Erg, I am curious to have your opinion about my current dilemma. I'm deciding how to rank 2 sites. Both are APA accredited and well respected. Site A would probably get an "A-" overall for me - has really solid training, emphasizes professional development in a major way, but doesn't have every single thing I want. It's also in an undeisrable location (12 hour drive / $400 round trip flight from my partner, not somewhere I would want to live for more than a ear). Site B would probably get a "B+" overlal for me - also solid training, more opportunities clinically in my area of interest, but less emphasis on professional development. Site B is 9 miles from my current house, so it is highly convenient (although I'm not trying to stay in this city forever, although I wouldn't mind it if I did, just have long term goals to be elsewhere). How would you rank the 2? Would you put Site A higher because it might connect you to a better post doc, or Site B higher for quality of life, since it's not going to damage your future prospects, maybe just not help you as proactively?