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Jul 16, 2001
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For the schools that require additional application fees once you send in the AADSAS, who do we address the check to? Alot of the schools do not specify.
Also, do we mail it to the addresses that are given in the AADSAS application (the supplemental materials table).
Did you guys send it in a regular white envelope with a note attached?
And one more thing--what is the best way to mail these things????????
THanks a million!


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Oct 7, 2001
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If you are unsure of whom to address the check to, then see if you can determine it from the school's website, or call the school directly.

Mail it to the address given in the supp. materials table. I sent all of my supp. materials through regular US post, and all of my schools received the materials within a week of my sending them.
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