Application for Intern Licenses?

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Nov 22, 2014
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For those who took an out of state PGY1 residency, do you have any advice on when to apply for the intern pharmacist license for that state? Like should we...
1. Apply for an intern license immediately
2. Apply for an intern license when you have an on-site interview
3. Apply for an intern license after the match (march 1st)
4. Do not need to apply for intern license, not needed for residency

I appreciate the help! Thanks!

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Not a resident, but following.

Also #4 would be true if and only if you pass boards before you begin your residency. Otherwise, I believe you need an intern license within that state.
You should apply for an intern license after you have matched. Unless you're applying in California, i've heard that their board is incredibly slow. Don't waste your money on applying until you already know you've actually matched. You do need an intern license in case you can't get licensed before you start. I wasn't able to schedule my NAPLEX and MPJE until the end of July so it was about 1.5 months into my residency before I was a licensed pharmacist.
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1. Ok there is a difference between certified pharmacy technician license and an "intern license" depending on what state you are referring to. For example, I got a CPhT license which allows me to work as a technician in any hospital in general, but when I got hired as an "intern" aka pharmacy student in a NY hospital, they didn't accept the CPhT license. They actually asked me that the board of NY required all student pharmacists to be "interns" and get an intern license, which was just a $70 application fee, no exams, no nothing (for the CPhT I took an exam and paid like $160? something like that). So depending on which program/state requires a state-specific intern license versus a certified pharmacy tech license, I wouldn't pay money to get it "done early and out of the way" until you know you need it in that state. You can ask your program during the interview if you need to apply for it before match results (march 15th) or if you should wait until you match to apply.

2. Understand the purpose/need of the "intern license" and the timeline if you even need it. For example, let's say you can take the NY license exam in July 2019, but your NY program starts in June 2019. Until you pass your exam, you are technically not a pharmacist yet. In this case, the program will ask you to practice as an NY "intern," which requires that you apply for an intern license. And then later once you get licensed as a pharmacist, you can practice as a pharmacist. Programs will specify if you even need an intern license, a certified pharmacy technician license, both, or neither. I would wait at least until your interview session to ask your RPD that question. If they don't know the answer, that mos likely means you don't need it-- you can wait until match results to apply for one IF you even NEED one. Aka don't waste your money like me LOL
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Thank you so much for your insight. The reason I ask is that I applied to and have been invited for interviews in California. I am from out of state and the California intern license seems to be a bit of a process and also quite pricey. I wanted to ensure that I do not waste money for no reason. If someone is a resident in CA and was out of state, would you mind chiming in on your thoughts?

Again, you all are great!
As an OOS applicant to CA graduating in 2019 you almost certainly will not obtain your RPh license before starting residency.

Some programs may require you to be registered as an intern in order to even begin residency on July 1st - best to clarify during interviews then apply ASAP if you've matched to a CA program.
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I can't speak for NY or CA. My program required me to have active intern licenses for 2 states since I didn't schedule my tests until mid July. One I already had because of school, the second one I applied for after the match. Your contract will likely state that you need an active intern or rph license at the start date.