Application process for minorities

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Dec 14, 2016
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Recently I have been curious to know how the admission committee sorts applicants. It is known that underrepresented minorities are accepted with lower stats.

That is when I started to think. How exactly does the admissions committee sort through applicants if they have a specific cut off score for GPA or mcat.

Ex. School A has a median MCAT score of 505 and a average GPA of 3.6. School A received 5000 applications. 3000 are white and asian 1000 are black and 1000 are hispanics.

If there is a cut off of 498 MCAT and 3.5 GPA how is possible that some minorities get accepted with lower then the cut offs. Do they have a separate process for hispanics and blacks?

Is this a automated process. Does a computer sort that?

If anyone has any insight to cure my curiosity please let me know.

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When schools screen for a certain GPA or MCAT, it is done through a computer and no one with stats below the cutoff receives a secondary. The race of the applicant does not matter.
However I don't think that most schools have a hard screen such as this, and each application gets looked at by an actual admissions officer (or several) who evaluates the application in a holistic manner.
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