1. M

    (Texas) GPA trend mainly in the last 2 years

    Hi guys! I would appreciate any input on how my GPA trends look. I'm studying for the MCAT to take it in about 5ish months to be ready to apply to only Texas schools. I am confident in all the other areas of my application, but my GPA is my weakest area. Past & Current ECs include: (deleted...
  2. 9


  3. J

    What to do? Help!

    Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping in. I'm stuck and not sure what route to take into medical school. Little background about myself: Last semester undergrad. Current cGPA 3.3 - sGPA 3.2 upward trend Minority, first in the family Bilingual (english/spanish) Had to work most of my undergrad to...
  4. M

    General Admissions & OTCAS Admissions and "minority" discussion

    Hey prospective and current OTs/OT students! I am brand new to SDN, but long time lurker, and I am so glad I found this forum! Everyone is so supportive and helpful of one another. Anyway, I am currently applying for this cycle (2018-2019) and I just want to post my stats/experiences to see how...
  5. TXDO

    What Are My Chances: WAMC Podiatry

    Hi guys, same old question but I did not find a right answer for my sister's situation. Well, she has 3.0 cGPA and 2.85 science GPA with 18 MCAT score. She's a junior now and wants to apply next year, so she wants to know if she could a decent chance to get in a pod school. Seriously, this...
  6. Dr.Narcos

    Application process for minorities

    Recently I have been curious to know how the admission committee sorts applicants. It is known that underrepresented minorities are accepted with lower stats. That is when I started to think. How exactly does the admissions committee sort through applicants if they have a specific cut off...
  7. C

    URM Help: Where to shadow in NYC?

    Does anyone (urm/orm) NYS resident know any hospitals,clinics, or physicians in particular that allow pre med students to shadow? I am having trouble finding physicians to shadow. Please help!
  8. C

    Howard University / HBCUs financial aid

    To those(URM) accepted at Howard and other HBCUs, were the HBCUs generous with offering you good financial aid/scholarships?
  9. S

    What are my chances as a black female, low gpa/high mcat?

    What are my chances of being accepted into a md or do school as a black female? My gpa is only a 3.1 but I have a 516 MCAT. I have published research, health-related trip to Haiti, and one year experience as certified nursing assistant (CNA). My last year of undergrad I made straight A's, so I...
  10. C

    scholarship for minorities(URM)?

    For any urm that got acceptances or have knowledge through word of mouth I would like to know Which schools are generous with financial aid packages? Which schools are known to give scholarships to minorities? Please and thank you
  11. C

    Lesson is resilience when this physician goes back to school - AMA Wire

    For non-traditional students who feel they could use some inspiration, get to know Dr Frank Clark, MD. Dr Clark failed his first year of medical school and the USMLE Step 1 Medical Board Exam. Lesson is resilience when this physician goes back to school APR 18, 2017 AMA Wire Frank Clark, MD...
  12. C

    URM Applying disadvantaged

    Does applying disadvantaged on app increases your chances of acceptance or receiving a scholarship? Any URM who applied disadvantaged and got accepted to schools,do you think that claiming disadvantaged on app somewhat helped in getting you accepted?
  13. C

    Any URM success with late AAMC primary app submission? (july,august, september)

    I plan on submitting my primary app around mid July. I heard in other threads that July submissions are considered late. I'm kindly asking any URM if they had any success with acceptances when applying later in the application cycle.
  14. B

    Sexual and Gender Minorities Formally Designated as a Health Disparity Population

    For those who haven't heard yet, this is really exciting news: http://www.nimhd.nih.gov/about/directors-corner/message.html
  15. Upstage

    MD 3.55cGPA/3.43sGPA URM California resident chances

  16. D

    Reapplying as a minority

    Hola, This is my third time to apply to medical school. I am debating about whether or not I should submit my AMCAS application to my desired schools before receiving my MCAT results. I am holding back because I don't want schools to see my old scores, but I also don't know how much of the...
  17. K

    Do Pharmacy Schools like Minorities?

    I'm 50% native Hawaiian and was wondering if pharmacy schools look for minorities for their incoming classes? Is this something that makes you unique or could they care less? Just wondering...
  18. B

    Under Represented Minorities in Radiology (including women)

    Despite how awesome radiology is, there is a definite disparity in diversity when compared to other medical specialties. Here is one of my favorite quotes on the subject of diversity in radiology by Dr. Lightfoote and colleagues ..." There is a disconnect between vocal support and quantifiable...
  19. P


    I am a non-traditional applicant applying for the cycle opening up in May. I graduated UConn in 2014, was an Allied Health Major and believed there was a 0% chance I would ever apply to med school throughout my undergrad career (I planned on going the PA route). Because of this and lots of...
  20. T

    Next step?

    I know everyone writes their credentials on here and I've read some really good advice but nothing like my situation. I plan on applying for med schools DO or MD for the upcoming cycle. My overall gpa is a 3.1. My practice mcat scores are in the low 500's. I know alone those stats don't seem...
  21. H

    Please Help!

    Ok so here is my story... 1. I am 23 years old. Have a 2.54 GPA So far the sciences I took were A&P 1 (got an A) A&P 2 (got an B Introductory to Chem (A) General Chem, my THIRD retake this semester (aiming for an A of course) 2. So i only have 67 credits and this semester I am taking 3...
  22. L

    GPA trends, summer programs, what are my chances?

    Hey guys! Hope you all survived finals. :clap: I just wanted to briefly discuss my GPA trajectory and then ask about my chances for summer programs. I am an URM female. Freshman year - pretty stable 3.5 each semester Sophomore year - rocky year 3.0, then 3.46 Junior year - 3.666 (still...
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  24. S

    I want to keep trying...but I need some input, PLEASE.

    Hello Everyone! I have been relying on the information on this site for a long time but I haven't found a question close to mine. I am open to hearing advice, warning, alternative plans etc. I need different points of views since mine are now stagnant. So here is the deal: * first generation...
  25. Cali sunshine

    At what point do you just give up?

    Hi all, Took MCAT a couple of days ago for the 2nd TIME!...don't feel as if i did well...can't go into the details due to the AAMC's signed agreement not to discuss the specifics of the exam. Well, studied like crazy for about 4 months, mcat tutor, princeton review (classes for about 3...