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Discussion in 'General Residency Issues' started by pianoman511, Jul 27, 2011.

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    I was wondering if anyone can help me out with a question regarding residency applications (ERAS). I was wondering if its a good idea to allow programs to view my application prior to all of my letters of recommendation being done or if I should wait until my application is 100% complete to officially apply to programs.

    Thanks !
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    You should submit your application as early as possible and not wait for the LORs to release. I know a friend who waited on one recommender who was way late and was told that she lost interview opps b/c of it by the time she did apply in October. Some programs may invite for an interview even though you're missing an LOR or MSPE and others wait til they have everything but that should be on their end, not on yours.

    For MD apps, I've heard to release your app by 9/1 if possible and no later than 9/15 but take that for what its worth as just advice that was given to me by current interns/residents.

    I'm guessing you're from LECOM? If you're asking about DO apps, I dunno since even though I'm a DO student, I'm applying only to MD residency programs (no DO residencies in my specialty of choice). But I'd guess that the advice I gave would still not be bad for DO programs. Unless there's some reason you feel that you need to wait to release even if you're missing a rec (trust me, I know the feeling as I am still waiting on 2 of mine), I don't see why not to release the application so that the programs that don't wait for complete application packets can at least download and start looking at your materials.

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