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Aug 11, 2013
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I have a question about my application status of PTCAS. I submitted Aug 27 and my final transcript was verified on 9/1. My application still says "Submitted" even though it is now complete. How long should it take for my application to become "Complete"? All of my letters are in, hours verified, transcripts received and payment in.

Thank you!

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It took close to a month for mine to be verified last year.
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Where on PTCAS does it state whether your application is Submitted or Complete? Also, did you make sure and sent in all transcripts even from college courses you may have taken in high school? If PTCAS has received all your transcripts and payments I would contact them to make sure nothing is wrong.
When I checked under the mobile portal it still says submitted, but actually my application was verified today so I'm not worried anymore. The mobile portal STILL says submitted and not "verified" but apparently it's not up to date.