Application-volunteering, activities, honors, awards, etc.


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Jan 22, 2009
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I am already trying to put together information for filling out my application to be submitted on June 1st. I am unsure on dates, hours and contact people for certain activities, volunteering, awards, clubs, etc. My question is---does somebody from the college that you are applying to really verify all of your information by calling the contact person listed for that particular activity? I don't want to put some mis-information because I am unsure and then possibly be caught in a mix up when they call someone to verify.
It's very unlikely the admissions folks call every single activity to confirm exact dates and times. However, it would be unwise to list things that couldn't be verified. They might do a spot-check if you're admitted and being unable to verify something on your app would be a big red flag.


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Feb 6, 2009
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Depending on how tough of a school it is to get into they will perform a lot more random spot checks. Some one from Reed College in Portland contacted my references regarding my application, but no one from the state schools I applied checked.

I would take an honest estimation of the time that you are positive that you did then add a plus for the part you aren't so sure of.

Example 225 hours of time spent volunteering as a tutor would then become either "220+ hours" or Over 220 hours.

As far as as clubs if they are school related put the teacher or the student president of the club as the contact person and give them a heads up.

For outside groups like church or scouts, list an adult leader that knows you fairly well.

Awards list the local contact info of the organization that awarded it if needed. So if you were an ELKS or VFW student of the year list the awarding lodge contact info. If it's honor roll list your counselor or someone at the school who could verify it.