Georgia Tech or UGA Honors


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Apr 8, 2022
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Please help me decide which college is better for me. I’ve gotten acceptance into both UGA honors in biology and Georgia Tech in biomedical engineering. I’m currently leaning towards a career in medicine but I’m not 100% sure yet. If I lose interest in medicine in the future, I don’t want to regret not pursuing engineering at Georgia Tech.

On the other hand, how difficult is it to work towards medical school while majoring in biomedical engineering in Tech? Or is it not worth it to work that hard at Tech and instead a smarter choice to go to UGA if I’m not 100% sure of my future?

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I have both HOPE scholarship and ZenMiller scholarships and should basically cover all of my tuition in both the schools.
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Georgia Tech is very rigorous and can be exhausting. It will likely be very difficult to keep up a higher GPA, and I believe you would have to take extra math classes at Georgia Tech that aren’t pre-requisites for med school. You might find there is more support going to the honors program at UGA.
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I just graduated from Tech with a BS Biology and was admitted to a vet school with an extremely low acceptance rate. I had very little support here because there are few pre vets, but a TON of pre-meds. GPA is a big factor to consider, and I considered switching to BME, but you have to take a lot of extra courses to get all the pre-reqs done; in my mind, it wasn’t worth it. It was easier to maintain a higher GPA in the biology program vs the more challenging engineering program, and I think the Tech name still shines through on your application. I think Tech is the best choice here for that reason, but probably not the degree program you’re going for. Feel free to DM me if you have any more questions!
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