Apply before DATs are taken?

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Apr 25, 2002
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From what I've read over the past couple of months it seems the earlier you apply the better. I don't plan on taking the DATs until mid July. My question is should I apply in early June (or wait till after ive taken them) even though I will not have taken the DATs yet. My GPA isnt stellar either, its like a 3.3 overall and 3.2 science. Thanks for any help.

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yea thats fine, except your application isnt complete until u take dats. i submitted mine b4 i took the dat, because it takes them 6-8 weeks (i think, or was it 4-6?) to process your app.
i said many times, but getta say it again...
send in ur aadsas first.
then ask if ok to fax to individual school your DAT score once you take it.
And tell them the real score will come soon.
then update the DAT section on your aadsas application.
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applying earlier is better, but since your taking the DAT in July I dont think applying after you take it will hurt you at all. It will still be early.
btw, get your letter ready to send to aadsas as well.
you can send as many as five letters.
but it will take more than 3 weeks to get to the sch
it depends..... i don't really think it matters much if you do well on the dats
Like people said, your application won't be complete (by most schools' definition) until they received your AADSAS and your DAT scores.

Those two items don't go hand in hand always, however. So, get your AADSAS in as soon as you possibly can and then get your DAT over with as soon as you possibly can as best it fits into your study schedule.

The ADA sends out your DAT scores after you take the test, and they typically are very quick. AADSAS is often not so quick, so don't let that be the link that delays your application.
in addition to app and DAT score, payment to individual schools and LOR are very important!!! I sent one of my letter late and regret ever since. Make sure you dont make the mistake i did.
Be sure to complete most of pre-requisite, so schools can have enough data to evaluate your case. Also, except Case Western, most schools won't start interviewing students until September; some schools won't start even until Oct., like USC and UCLA.

In your situation,
1. Get professors' rol and the committee's rol if possible.
2. Get as excellent score as possible for this semester.
3. Shot for DAT >= 20

Then, you will get in somewhere.
Thanks for all the help. It is greatly appreciated...
no problem, i hope you do well....