Apply early or retake in August

I'm currently deciding as to what would be the best way to increase my chances of getting in. I have a 29 0/3.2(sci and cum) from a top 20 school. Would it be better to apply as early as possible in June and hope for the best or retake the test in August and increase my score by a couple points?
Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated.



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Feb 23, 2003
I would say retake it, and apply late. I don't think you have a good chance with the 3.2 GPA. You should apply to osteoptathic schools because your scores would be competitive, unless you have a biased against a D.O. degree then I wouldn't reccomend that. Let say that you get a 33+ and you do not get in this year, next year you should have better luck with applying early.

You could always apply early and take the MCAT in August and update the schools with the new scores.


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Feb 22, 2004
Apply as early as possible. Can't change your GPA (3.2 from a top school will be competitive at many schools). MCAT of 29 is also competitive, just set reasonable expectations (not too many top 25 schools). You can always apply early and re-take the MCAT, just make sure that you don't go down.

Your scores are good enough that you probably wouldn't get rejected early on, so even if you don't get an interview with your 29, you can complete the application process early and just add the August score.

I have gotten 7 interviews out of 12 apps with a 29 on the August MCAT (3.24 ugrad GPA w/ 3.54 BCPM including some postbac type coursework).
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Thanks a lot for the input!
What if I dont indicate on the AMCAS application that I'm taking the August MCAT , but end up taking it anyway. Will the scores then even count or will they just do the selection procedure based on my old scores?


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Oct 20, 2003
Apply early AND retake the MCAT in August. The schools will get your scores before you do, which means that you could be invited to interview in early October, depending on your performance on test day. Even if you don't interview until December or January, you'll still be in great shape at schools with non-rolling admissions.

The bottom line: NEVER apply late. Submit your primary and secondary applications as early as possible.


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Jun 22, 2003
hey lost,

i was in a similar predicament with a lower MCAT last year......apply early and retake!! i applied on june 1st and put on the application that i was retaking in august.

and docmeni is right on most counts......almost all schools will hold your application. but i did get 2 interviews BEFORE my new scores came out!!! after my scores came out, i received some more from schools that had previously held my i think you should def apply early and retake. if you have any ?s PM me
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