Apply June 1st and retakes?

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Mar 22, 2010
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Hello all. Unless a miracle happens, I probably won't get into any D.O. schools. I have a 3.36cGPA, 3.14sGPA, and mcat scores of 21R, 21R, 25 S. My ec's and job shadowing, volunteering are good and improving. I am taking 3 classes this semester and if i do well can raise my grades to about a 3.4cGPA, 3.2sGPA. Does anybody think i should retake any classes? I am thinking of retaking Gen Bio 1[B-]; Gen chem 2 [C] and O-chem Lab 2[C]. I might retake between 1 or 2 or maybe all 3 of these classes. still debating. i plan to put these retake classes if i choose to retake on the planned/in progress category obviously. couple questions. am i allowed to retake aacomas sci classes at a different university. the class has a different number, but is basically the same and has slightly different credit hours, but almost the same because of the quarter to semester conversion where i live. I was also wondering if aacomas accepts updated transcripts. i want to turn in my primary app june 1st to be as early as possible, but was wondering if i can send an updated transcripts once my summer grades are in and if the colleges would receive them in time before being a decision on my file. i plan on calling aacomas office and schools to ask about this, but was wondering if anyone on here can comment.