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Apr 16, 2014
I really messed up September 22nd MCAT exam. And I need some advice.

I did fine phy/CARS/psychology (over 127) but did extremely poorly on B/b section (below 125.) And it was expected. Bio section was hard, but more importantly...

In the beginning of B/B section I really needed to go to restroom but couldnt because the section of the test already started. I literally had to hold it in and could not concentrate at all; I know it all sounds like, and it probably is an excuse. But I have never got below 126 in B/B ever; fortunately I am retaking MCAT on September 1st. (Thursday)

Here is my question:
1. Should I apply "osteopathic medical schools" with this embarassing MCAT score and later update with new MCAT, or should I wait until October for new MCAT score to come out? I know I can get much better score on the next test as long as I do how I normally do, but I am afraid applying late would reduce my chance of getting in.

2. I am Canadian citizen attending US college. My overall MCAT is mid 500 with below 125 b/b section. (Which is ridiculously lower than how I always do on practice tests) My cGPA is 3.92 with science GPA 4.0. Would I be screened off due to low MCAT score? Due to low MCAT I would only be applying to DO schools for now.

I am truly dissapointed with what happened with this exam, but nothing I can do about it. I still dream to become a medical doctor and serve underserved black communities in United States; Lord has blessed me with wonderful opportunities throughout my life, and even if I do not make it this year, I will try again next year. (For now I'll have to try my best for the September exam)

I would love to hear some advices on two questions I listed above!
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Aug 3, 2016
Anyways I think you should hold back from applying for now because below a 125 (48th-50th percentile) on arguably the most important section is fatal. You may be screened out of the many schools that do screening. Usually they screen 124-125 and below.
The rest of your sections are really good, retake and then apply to both DO and MD. Its not too late to apply in mid-September. You got this.