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apply to both MD and DO schools???

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by DrCookie, Jan 4, 2001.

  1. DrCookie

    DrCookie Junior Member

    Dec 29, 2000
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    Hi all... I am a relatively new poster here on these boards but Ill follow the KISS principle and keep it simple stupid... Im currently a 3rd year PT student in upstate NY looking to pursue medicine... While the traditional allopathic path is appealing, I think osteopathy is more what I am leaning towards. I dont think DO schools are easier, but I do want to apply to both, kinda "just in case"... Do schools take into consideration your other choices in where you applied?? I know that DO schools like a student to have some commitment to osteopathy... does that reflect in any way if you apply to allopathic school? I know that a hundred people will give me a hundred answers, but I still feel obliged to ask!!!!

    Also... I applied early assurance to SUNY Upstate in NY... got waitlisted... its one of those deals where you get a spot as a sophomore in college, no MCAT, no NOTHING... is it worth following up on to see what went wrong? I mean if they only interviewed 30 out of 700 applicants, something went right... thanks!!!
  2. Hippocrates

    Hippocrates Member
    10+ Year Member

    Nov 18, 2000
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    Go ahead and apply to both type of medical schools, it will not hurt your chances. I did because I want to be a physician. However, you have to be prepared as to why you are choosing the osteopathic medical field just like you prepare for your allopathic interviews. Some D.O. schools asked me if I applied to MD schools. This is not a big deal, just be honnest and explain. Applying to MD schools will not hurt your chances in getting into DO schools. On the other hand, the way you carry your self in an interview will have a bigger effect on the outcome. Good luck!!
  3. ana


    I agree with Hippocrates. Be honest about applying to both programs, but make very strong statements re. the Osteopathic profession and your desire to succeed in it.

    Most DO applicants apply to both, and it is a well accepted practice. I did it myself, and I was accepted to both programs. I don't believe there is a strong negative feeling against it.

    Good luck.

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