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Mar 14, 2004
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Hey all,

I am currently in my internship year for a categorical medicine program in New England. I am thinking I am likely going to switch out and am interested in rads. Anyone know how one goes about applying outside the match or any programs in New England that have openings currently for applicants outside the match. Much appreciated


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Jan 30, 2005
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#1 call around
#2 email PDs and program coordinators
#3 send out your CV with a cover letter via snail-mail
#4 network, have mentors from your medschool call around
#5 go to step #1

Sorry, there is no website you can find a central listing of these positions. These positions open up at times, but they don't get advertised in any meaningful way and they go fast (most programs already have a shortlist of local disgruntled surgery residents who are ready and willing to fill a position if one comes up).

Well, there is a website


but I don't think it is high-yield.
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