Applying senior year vs juinor year?

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May 16, 2012
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So it seems like applying senior year would provide many advantages with only one major disadvantage. It seems like one would fare much better on their MCATs since they would be able to study the entire summer for them. Also, because one would take the MCAT after junior year ends and before or early into senior year, it seems like one would be able to obtain a higher gpa due to the fact they don't have to worry about studying for their classes and the MCATs at the same time.
The only disadvantage would be having to take a gap year, but it seems like if you get accepted during the cycle of your senior year, then you would have no pressure to improve your med school credentials (since you already have been accepted). Thus you should be able to it easy during the gap year and relax or whatever.
However, it may also seem like I am not completely informed and may be neglecting to account for important facts and such. That is why I am asking for your guys
opinions on the subject. Thanks

tl;dr - Advantages = higher gpa, higher mcat. Disadvantages - gap year (but is balanced out by fact that you should get accepted with you better credentials and thus can take the gap year easy)

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As someone who has recently decided to apply at the end of their senior year, I think a gap year is definitely not a disadvantage. I look at it as an opportunity to enjoy life and do things that you won't be able to do during medical school (e.g. traveling, being lazy, whatever other endeavors you may have).

I think of it as this: would you rather have a year of freedom before you start medical school when you're 21-22, or after you're old and retired? Because let's face it, once you start medical school there is no escaping the studying and stress that comes with becoming a physician.

Just my $.02. Some people may prefer to go straight from undergrad to medical school for financial reasons, family pressure, etc.
If taking a gap year do something productive with your life. I'm sure some people who plan on gap years, they claim they are going to keep busy and the few weeks in they end up staying home and working a retail job during their gap year which in my opinion is a waste.

volunteer abroad/volunteer locally
Meaningful Job
Things of this sort would help