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Jan 12, 2004
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Since some of my professors will be leaving, I'll be asking them for LORs. I checked the AACOM website about the LOR requirements.

Most of the schools have ok requirements, except for PCOM and UHS.

PCOM requires "Letter of evaluation from the premedical committee, premedical advisor, or Dean of the college granting the undergraduate degree. Individual faculty letters do not fulfill this requirement."


UHS requires "1 letter of evaluation from Premedical Advisor or committee."

The problem with PCOM LOR requirement is that my premed adviser is a jackass. We have no premed committee. And the Dean said she would not be writing an LOR for me since she doesn't know me.

How did some of you guys who applied to PCOM and UHS get LORs for these schools? I have no problem with getting LORs from professors or doctors. Does anyone know?


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May 28, 2003
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My school has a preprofessional healthcare committee. So that is who my LOR was from. May I say have the dept. chair of your major write the LOR. You said your premed advisor is a jackass, well so was mine and I had to play the game to get my letter as will you. I know it sucks.

Good Luck
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