Applying to MD and DO programs-how does acceptance deadline work while waiting to hear back from others

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Dec 30, 2016
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I am a bit confused about how applying between both MD and DO works. Assuming you have two apps going at once, 1)DO 2) MD .
And you get accepted to a DO program while still waiting to hear back from MD programs or on the waitlist for an MD program.
(Assuming you prefer one program over the other for whatever reasons.)

I read one DO school, as an example, stating you have two weeks from time of acceptance.
I have friends in last year's cycle for MD and they are given a far much longer time frame.
I believe committing to enroll vs plan to enroll is an option for MD's until two months before the start of med school(June of the year school starts). At which point they must commit or give up their seat.

Can anyone please share how the process works when you are applying to both paths.

Thank you in advance.

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You will be required to put down a deposit at most DO schools upon acceptance in order to keep your seat with a short time-frame.

The AACOMAS does not have the same restrictions that AMCAS has and so many DO school extort their students...because they can.

There are a handful of DO schools that do not do this - two examples are TCOM and SHSU (probably) because TMDSAS does prevent schools from requiring deposits.
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