Applying to Med school and Pharmacy, DO school at the same time ?

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Sep 20, 2003
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Hi everyone:

I was wondering if it is okay to apply to med. schools and pharmacy school (PharmD program) and DO schools at the same time ? (june 04)

It is okay ? LEGAL ?
Do i have to tell on my amcas's application (personal statement) that i apply pharmacy schools and DO schools ?

Because my age "non-traditional student" and time factors:
It is fine with either, DO school or PharmD. to me.

thanks for your advice.


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That is perfectly fine. I applied to Allopathic (MD), Osteopathic (DO) and Veterinary (DVM) schools all this year. There is no need to inform one program that you are applying to another. Nor would there ever be a situation in which they would ask you. I did inform the DO schools that I applied to MD schools, but that was it. I am also a non-traditional student and would like to begin my career soon, therefore I am willing to attend any of the programs to which I am accepted. The great thing is that I would be happy in any of the careers previously listed because I would have the opportunity to perform surgery.

Thanks Herpeto

then i will apply to md/do/pharm schools this coming June 04.
who knows...maybe NURSING SCHOOL too.

btw: my infant daughter will have surgery in April by two surgeons: one MD and one DO

hey..good luck on your application to md/do.

thanks again.

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sorry if i questioned it wrong...but all i asked was (try to ask) if it is okay to apply to Allopathic (MD), Osteopathic (DO) and Pharmacy schools.
I guess my question was not clear, but I certainly didn't want to insult anyone.

I meant no disrespect to any of those professions, (md/do/pharm/nursing) otherwise why am I applying for it ? !!! ???????????????????????????

sorry for the UNCLEAR questions...

I'll try to be more clear with my questions next time. :clap:

Yes, you can definately apply to any type of health care (professional) school at the same time as long as you have the $$$ to pay for it. I personally applied to pharmacy school, medical schools, chiropractic school, MBA program, and a nursing program at my university. I got accepted to all and at the end chose pharmacy school. :D
thanks all for the replies:

I will apply (md/do/pharm/nursing) in June 04.
whoever accepts me first...then it is...
I know i can make difference in people's lives with any of those professions. (healthwise)

EarlyEditionDude....good choice (PharmD )
my brother just graduated in Pharmacy and loving it.
***hint for you if you have not taken it yet..."
WATCH OUT for "pharmacology classes :) and the board exam

thanks guys.

I'm very undecisive between med and pharm so I was thinking the same thing, maybe I'll apply to both. However, for the people who did apply to several different professional schools, how did you find the time to obtain sufficient volunteer experiences in all of the fields? That's one thing I'm worried about if I try to apply to several different fields. Any advice/feedback would help!

I did not have experiences in all fields. I was a Pharmacy clerk for two years (senior year in hs, freshman year in college), worked in a chiropractic office for one summer, shadowed a DO doctor for 1 month, volunteer with Hospice for 2 years, worked in a microbiology lab for 2 years, and I am a internet entrepreneur.

I think when it comes down to the interview, it is the way you talk and you have to know how to persuade them that you are qualified for their school. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
Originally posted by xxdczz
newsflash: DO schools are medical schools. it's really ignorant if you're applying to these schools and even you can't make the correct distinction between the two. obviously we all know what you meant by that (MD and DO) but if you're going to apply to DO schools then you should at least make the minimal effort to help stop the incredible lack of knowledge that people have when it comes to DO schools.
Although this was a harsh way of saying it, it is the truth. When you say medical school, and DO schools, you automatically are insinuating that DO school is not a medical school. This happens a lot particularly among those that don't know much about DOs. My advice don't apply to all schools just because. Don't you have any confidence of getting in somewhere. Just apply MD and DO. If your MCAT is at least a 24 and you have sufficient experience, you should get into a DO school.
Advice PLEASE. I've been waitlisted for many MD schools so far, and although I always wanted to go to DO schools, I never did because I thought it was one or the other. NOW that I know I can do both, the only one whose deadline hasn't passed is West VA DO--I think. Now, that means that I can do the DO app, etc. and get it in just in time. It will be VERY close, and I was wondering, do you think I have a chance, even though they prob will have reached the bottom of the app pile by then? My gpa is 3.9/mcat 29Q. Any help/suggestions appreciated..THANKS
I don't think any of there deadlines have passed yet. Although some our due Jan 1.

Although you are kind of late in the game, nothing is over until it is! Try anyways! You will never know until you try! I did and I'm glad that I did apply to all the schools that I applied to. It gave me a lot of options to choose! :D :D :D
although i know this isn't the kind of advice you were hoping for, i'd really suggest taking some time off and exploring different fields if you are trying to choose between so many! i don't think you should base your life's work on whichever accepts you. you should choose what you want to do, apply, and if not successful apply again (assuming you have a realistic shot of getting in).

also, there is quite a difference between being a pharmacist and being involved in direct patient care. figure out what kind of a job you want to have for the rest of your life, and do that. this may take some time to discover, but i think it's better to do that than to go down one path and have regrets.

Shakenotstirred, you will probably get off at least one of those waitlists for MD schools. that's fine to apply to the DO school if it's what you want, but remember it may limit your options to some extent if you don't want to go into primary care. i have no idea if you have a chance of acceptance at the DO school. i mean, i'm sure you'll be a very solid applicant with your numbers as long as your ec's are good, but i have no idea if you are too late to have a good shot.
The UHS deadline is usually Feb 1, if you are going the DO route. Keep in mind that DO schools really do look past the numbers and you will need to have some EC's to go with your app. Many of the DO schools want to see some volunteer work with the underserved, I don't know if that is the case with UHS, although our school does seem to have a focus on the underserved. You also need a LOR from a physician (either MD or DO) and you will have had to have taken Genetics and Biochemistry before you start school.
I think our school offers a solid curriculum, we have over a 97% pass rate on the boards, students who take the USMLE do comparably well, and many of the UHS graduates go into specialties other than primary care without the difficulties that some might perceive.
That is great if you get off the waitlist, but keeping other options open is probably a wise decision too.
Good luck in your decisions! ;)