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Applying to orthodontic residency programs - need advice


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Jan 31, 2020
  1. Dentist

    I'm a GP and graduated from dental school a few years ago. I completed a GPR about a year ago and have been working since then, in corporate and private practice settings. I applied to orthodontic residency programs this cycle and I'm considering applying again next cycle, just in case if I don't get a post-match spot. I'm looking at things I can do to better improve my application besides taking the GRE. I'm looking at applying for a job with Diamond Braces in NY to get some ortho experience and possibly getting strong letters of rec. I later found out about this settlement Diamond Braces reached in 2019 about allowing uncertified employees performing orthodontic procedures. This worried me a bit in terms of how this will be perceived by program directors of ortho residencies. Does anyone have any insight on this and can advise on if this is something I should genuinely be concerned about or not, or if I should look at other options to better improve my ortho application? I considered working at a GP office that does ortho cases like Invisalign but I thought that a job with Diamond Braces would allow me to focus just on ortho and working with orthodontists on cases.

    Looking forward to hearing people's thoughts on this!
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