Aug 17, 2015
Hey all,

So I'm looking for some advice. I signed up to take the MCAT this week as I wasn't completely satisfied with my 2 previous scores (both 25s). I've been scoring better on practice exams and I feel confident that it will improve, however, I'm nervous my scores will be released too late leaving me at a significant disadvantage this cycle. I've already submitted about half of my secondaries (~7) but of course, apps are put on hold until my score is released. So my question is: should I go through with taking the MCAT and risk applying later or should I cancel it and apply with my old score(s)?

-URM (black), 3.74 gpa-

Appreciate all responses!


waaahmbulance attendant
Oct 27, 2012
Los Angeles
From the wisdom I have gained here on SDN, I think that unless you know you can blown this next MCAT out of the water, don't retake it. Why did you get two 25's? What did you change before you took the exam the second time? I think if you got the same score again (or comparable since it is the new exam) it will be very bad.

Regarding your URM status, I have no clue about the MCAT score in terms of that.
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