Nov 10, 2020
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Hi all,

I want to preface this discussion by saying that I am very interested in pursuing orthopedic surgery, so my greatest priority is picking the school that will put me in the best position for a successful match. The biggest thing that I am thinking about is the established school vs. the newer school. When thinking about matching into a very competitive speciality like ortho, is it decisively advantageous to be at a more established school? Is that worth an extra $15,000?


  • ~15k cheaper total for all 4 years
  • Newer school (graduating its first class this year) so may receive extra attention/support from administration
  • Recently purchased huge research facility that will make them the largest research institution of any DO school in the country (although this still has to be set up)
  • Newer, more modern campus
  • OMM training is very good here
  • Newer school, so less established (est. 2014)
  • No physical library
  • 2021 was the first match year, so no match history to compare to. Although, they did surprisingly well for their first match (1 ortho surg, 2 neuro surg, 1 derm, 1 diagnostic rad)
  • Slightly lower average % pass rate for COMLEX, but again, only 2 years of data to look at.


  • More established, older school (est. 2001)
  • Higher board pass rate (again, only comparing to 2 years of data at ARCOM)
  • Decent residency matches
  • Collaboration with VT Tech. Research collaboration, access to VT library and athletic facilities, school clubs, etc.
  • VCOM has 3 other campuses, lectures are shared between all schools. Also additional connections with faculty at other campuses

  • ~15k more expensive
  • Seems to have a very heavy focus on primary care
  • No elective rotations 3rd year
  • Older campus

Please let me know if you have any additional pros/cons! Ultimately the most important thing to me is setting myself up to match competitively, and I am trying to determine if one school would put me in a better position to achieve my goal. Thanks for your help!
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