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Apr 16, 2018
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Hi everyone. I got accepted to both ARCOM and WCUCOM so I would like to ask you guys for advice on which school I should attend. There are a few factors that are personally important to me:

1. Residency placement: I want to ask which school has better residency placement currently and possibly in the future? I am not sure which specialty I want to go into yet, but I want to go to a school that prepares me well for any specialty (and has the availability as well).

2. Research:
WCUCOM: has very very minimal research opportunities.
ARCOM: has the largest research FACILITY in the nation as a DO school. However, I want to know if ARCOM actually has enough faculty who are utilizing the facility to conduct research(I've only heard about that one NIH awarded faculty)? I ask this because when I asked ARCOM students most of them seemed clueless and said that they were not involved with research.

3. Curriculum:
WCUCOM: curriculum is built around board style
ARCOM: has this so-called helix curriculum (which some people said was weird?)

4. Quality of Education/Instructor:
WCUCOM: I heard they have good instructors who are currently practicing and not obligated to do research?
ARCOM: I am not sure about how well their instructors are. But during my interview I encountered a professor who gave out a very boring lecture (I almost fell asleep).

5. Amount of OMM class time required:
Does anyone know which school has less dedicated time for OMM/OPP?

Thank you for taking your time to help me decide which school to go to!
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