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Are AAMC Practice Items Comparable To The Real MCAT? (NOT AAMC Exams)


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Jul 7, 2001
    Did you find the AAMC Practice Items similar to the real MCAT in difficulty? I did the 30 physical sciences passages so far, and am going to do the biological sciences next. I think it was definitely helpful to review all of the different type of questions, but I'm wondering if understanding all of the questions/concepts/answers from the practice items prepared you well for the real MCAT.

    Thank you for any opinions/advice etc!! :clap:

    Doctora Foxy

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    15+ Year Member
    Jan 29, 2002
    1. Medical Student
      Dude, you can post all of these questions in one thread. We will read it. You don't need a gazillion threads to get our attention. If someone wants to help you answer mcat questions they wil read your thread. No need to take over the board.

      my 2 cents :)

      but seriously, try not to worry about these little things and just keep on studying, you'll be fine :D
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