Are those two courses equivalent? [thanks for your help in advance~]

Apr 10, 2015
Hello People,

I am currently doing my retakes at a different institution than the university where I got my degree from.

I am wondering if the course I am taking now is equivalent and sufficient to replace my old one.

Following is the course descriptions for the two courses:

BIOL 1xx at institute A: "The principles of cellular and molecular biology using mainly bacterial examples. Aspects of cellular evolution and the impact of cellular processes on the environment."

BIOL 1xx at institute B: "This course provides a foundation in the basic concepts of Biology and is the standard course for students who plan to major in Biology and/or to take further courses in the sciences. Major topics include experimental methods and hypothesis testing in the biological sciences and the value of science, the chemistry of life, cell structure and function, cellular reproduction, and the chromosomal and molecular basis of inheritance."

Personally I believe those two courses are equivalent due to the fact that those two are transferrable between the two schools according to the school's transfer credits guideline.

Please let me know what you guys think! Thank you so much!!


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Jul 23, 2013
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What are the actual names of the classes? That's what AACOMAS/schools will look at (not very many of any will bother to look at the description unless you're protesting).