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Are unverified courses an issue if your whole application is verified?


Full Member
Aug 17, 2019
  1. Pre-Dental
I sent in my application on June 16th (first day) and got verified on the 23rd. Once I logged in, I realized that AADSAS was working with old transcripts and instead of letting me know that my transcripts didn't match the course load I had marked as "Completed", they verified my older courses and just changed the status of all my newer courses to "Planned". I thought I would be informed of a major mistake like this and not just have it get pushed through.

I then sent in my updated transcripts...and it was unfortunately scanned under the wrong college...so now it's still showing as outstanding. And I'm being told I have to wait until the Academic Update in mid-August to get my courses reverified even after the transcript mixup is fixed.

I've already talked to a customer service rep and escalated things to management, and they said I'd hear back within the week.

Maybe I'm making a bigger deal than this really is, because my application still shows as verified despite a couple of courses being unverified. Will a few unverified courses stick your whole application in limbo? Or is this something I can get through with a "Verified" status by sending current transcripts if requested?
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7+ Year Member
Sep 6, 2011
  1. Dentist
Since you've already contacted them, I'd wait till they get back to you this week. It's hard not to worry about things like this but really time is the solution here. Everyone makes mistakes and that includes the AADSAS staff. It happened to me 5 yrs ago but it was cleared up just like your situation. Try to occupy yourself in the meantime and not stress too much if you can!
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