How do dental schools know if a course is taken online?

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Dec 24, 2023
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As I am filling my application, I realize there is no indication from transcript entry regarding whether a course is a virtual or in-person course. I am currently taking a pre-req course virtually and while I checked with the schools requiring it that taking it virtually is okay, I am still worried that it might cause problems later on if schools assume I took this course in-person. How do schools usually tell if a course is taken online? Is this indicated in the school specific applications (I haven't got there yet as my transcript is not yet finalized.) Or am I missing something?

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It would usually say so on your transcript. Either in the course description or course designator. The only other way they’d know is if they have intimate knowledge of your schools courses which, Idek how they’d be able to do that with how many different universities there are.

If it doesn’t say anywhere on your official transcript in theory you should be fine.
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Universities are sneaky nowadays. Sometimes there are sections of courses available online, or many courses are taking advantage of "hybrid" formats. The registrars will be able to label a course as "online" if the syllabus says so, but I don't think any hybrid courses get a designation of "online". Depends on the registrar policy.
This course is one offered at a community college and it is actually a fully asynchronous lab course. I ordered the official transcript for myself and it seems like there is no indication of the course is being taught online. They even took off the code that indicates "online" in the course listing that was present during course selection. Very weird of them.
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