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Mar 13, 2006
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  1. Medical Student
Does anyone have any info on the University of Arizona? Is it a good place to train with a good reputation? Any thoughts or advice is helpful.


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Nov 9, 2006
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I interviewed there about 4 years ago and just before my arrival the whole pain management department had left and opened up shop down the street. With that being said, the program seemed OK.

The interview was kind of weird. It was a group interview with all the applicants and Dr. Barker (the chair at the time, think he still might be).

The program is not large but it seemed like they do enough big cases. They mixed things up so that you could be doing peds one day and adults the next. Some programs you rotate through these certain areas for a month or so at time. I thought this might be good because this is probably more akin to private practice.

Many of the employers in AZ have no problem hiring the U of A grads as well. If you are seeking the option of doing very competitive fellowships you may be at a disadvantage just because it is not a big name, although Dr. Barker is pretty well-known.

Best of luck.
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