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Feb 28, 2017
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Hi all,

What is the ADSO for a 1 and 2 year fellowship at a civilian institution? Is this concurrent or consecutive to any prior ADSOs: HPSP or USMA/ROTC?

Side question, can you do a fellowship outside the US at an accredited fellowship program for example in Canada?

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Both 1 and 2 year fellowships are typically a 2 year consecutive (tack on the back of rotc/hosp/usuhs etc) ADSO after the fellowship. There have been rare times I've seen folks train outside of the US (for like a preeminent leader in the world with a special memo and high level approval) otherwise would be US
Last I looked, I think the obligation is 6 months ADSO per 6 months of fellowship, with a minimum of 2 years.

It's served consecutive, unless you are already serving a multi-year contract extension on the day the fellowship starts.[1]

I renegotiated my contract for a 4 year extension to begin the day before I started fellowship, and was able to serve my fellowship ADSO concurrently with my existing contract. Essentially I did my FTOS year at no cost/obligation.

It's my understanding that renegotiating for extensions and effective date changes mid-contract is a lot harder now. Also, when I did it, it was possible to sign a multi-year contract even if you had an existing ADSO, and thus take advantage of the concurrency loophole if your intent was to remain until retirement eligibility anyway. These days I think all ADSOs must be fulfilled before you can do the multi-year thing.

[1] Obviously fact check this with relevant authorities before signing anything; I've been out for a couple years now and things can change.