Army National Guard (not HPSP)

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Feb 19, 2006
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Does anyone have first-hand experience/knowledge of Army National Guard Dental Student program... beyond the "1 weekend a month, 15 days a year" slogan?

It sounds like an interesting program, but I'd like a balanced perspective of both pros and cons before considering this further.

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Sorry I don't know much about the National Guard program, I do know that National Guard has one year to 15 month deployments and don't know if it's any different for dentists. So I'd still plan on deploying at some point, and if you deploy while in school it will mess you your expected graduation date.
Sorry I don't know much about the National Guard program, I do know that National Guard has one year to 15 month deployments and don't know if it's any different for dentists. So I'd still plan on deploying at some point, and if you deploy while in school it will mess you your expected graduation date.

That is the greatest concern -- even a remote possibility of deployment would turn me off from taking part. The recruiter has said that there is 0% of being deployed... but I want to hear it from someone who's actually going through it currently...
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Yes, I am in the Army National Guard and am participating in a program called MDSSP. It is a stipend of about $1600 a month and you have to do your one weekend a month 2 weeks a year during dental school--but all I do is study the whole time I am there :) For every one year you are on the program you owe the Guard 2 years of one weekend a month--awesome huh? You still have to pay for your schooling but then after dental school you can also do a program where you can get a 50K loan reimbursement and a 30K signing bonus for 6 years of commitment. I have been in the Guard for a while now and I love it. If you guys/gals have any questions you can email me at [email protected]
OH, I forgot to say too....if you do end up getting deployed as a dentist the Guard has a policy of 90 days "boots on ground". So you are only gone from your
practice for a little over 4 months; which you can definitely manage with an associate, part-timer, or retired dentist in the area.
Anyone, dentists/docs or premeds/predents, nurses, physical therapists, social workers or even high school juniors/seniors/grads - prior enlisted interested in Illinois Army National Guard contact me before going to any recruiter. I will give you all of the TRUE facts. I am in residency in the program. I'm a doc. I am not a recruiter. I am a Captain. I will even introduce you to who you need to see if you want more info or want to enlist in Illinois in the Army National Guard.

I know other soldiers, (doc, dentists that can provide their personal experiences to you.)

I had my med school paid without obligation. (saved at least 150k)
As mentioned above posts, also there are incentives with obligation.
Loan Repayment, Bonuses, special pay, Financial Assistance Program, Monthly stipends ~1600, officer drill pay (mine is 664/weekend) etc.,

90 day boots on ground for dentists and docs, may include other specialties.
Med students and dental students and residents (me) are not deployable while in school.

For medical professionals in the Illinois Army National Guard, there is a flexible training program. Show up once per quarter if your practice obligations are too busy, same for med/dent students. (These are hidden things the recruiter doesn't tell you. But is important for prospective busy students to know.)

I took OBC in residency. I am also scheduled to attend a one week course in management of chemical and biological casualties, and a 6 week Flight surgeon course as part of residency. It can also be taken as part of med school curriculum and you get paid for it. Other clerkships are available as away elective rotations during a med students 3rd and 4rth year.

Annually you are allowed $2500 for CME allowance (CONUS), after OBC completion.

I have also gone to Honolulu twice on vacation last year at MWR facilities for dirt cheap and no taxes. Humanitarian missions also available overseas for the two weeks a year at no cost to you, if you can go.

It takes about 6 months to get in because of all the paperwork.
In Illinois, if you attend a post-secondary public school (community college, University, med school, dent school, law school, etc,.) tuition is ABSOLUTELY free, AFTER SERVING 1 YEAR IN THE Illinois GUARD. (Other states are different.)

The Army Reserve is DIFFERENT then the Army National Guard. Do not confuse the two. The uniform and ID card are exactly the same as Active Duty, but benefits can be very different because the funding is from the state, not federal - as it is for reserve and active duty.

This is my charity work. Helping prospective applicants to steer clear of certain pitfalls with army recruiters and if they want to join Illinois Army National Guard getting them the best contract, rank, incentives etc., without being blindsided by unexplained obligations.

P.S. I will be honest, I sincerely enjoy serving my community and country in the Illinois Army National Guard but I also have not incurred any obligation. As an officer, with prior service I can resign my commission tomorrow even during this wartime. That freedom is very important to me.

If you take incentives you will incur obligation time. However, if you went to private school and incurred loans. It may not be a big deal to you to have those loans paid off or get extra money in residency in exchange for some time in uniform in the Guard.

If interested in the :)Illinois, Army National Guard please feel free to contact me :)and I will help you with anything and everything I can. I will not encourage or advise you to join,THAT is a personal decision. I just provide truthful information. (I hate to see practioners/physicians with years in practice come in at a lower rank then they deserve.)

(If you do not intend to go to school in Illinois or return for residency in Illinois after active duty, or reserves I can not personally help you or answer a multitude of emails. I do not have the time or knowledge for other states you will unfortunately have to talk with a recruiter in your state on your own.)

You may click on (Boopieness in upper left hand corner) and send me a private message to contact me.
Hey fellas,

I just joined the Mississippi Army National Guard. I'm an M1 at the University of Mississippi.

I joined because I have 5 years experience as an Army officer, and because I like what the National Guard has to offer. I enjoy being around military people, and I like the idea of service -- especially as a doc. Of course, money, the retirement, and health care is a factor too!

I've been to drill 3 times now, and I have to say that it's all the promised. I have a little 10x10 room to myself where I sit and study for the whole weekend -- less time I spend goofing off of course. I'm in a unit that performs medical / dental exams for the whole state's guardsmen, so I'm around a lot of doctors and dentists. It's a very laid back unit, and the boss really appreciates medical students, and he said he just wants me to graduate. He assured me that he and the people beneath him will do nothing that will jeapardize my grades in any way.

If any of you have any questions about military service or the National Guard. Give me a holla!

[email protected]