Aug 18, 2013
So I know this topic has been beat into the ground, but I have a few questions that maybe someone who has been a part of either the Army or AF dental HPSP can answer.
1. From everything I've read, the general consensus is that the AF is nicer, at least for living conditions. Does this mean that the equipment and tools we will be woking with will be better in the AF? Or is all that stuff pretty much the same?

2. It seems that in the Army, you are a soldier first and a dentist second. Which is perfectly fine with me and I'd look forward to it. My question is, will I receive generally the same dental experience working in either branch? Basically I don't want to have gone 4 years in the Army and be less prepared for private dentistry than if I had chosen AF.

3. I've read that deployment times for the Army used to be closer to 12 months and AF were closer to 6 months. But it seems that the deployment times (according to more recent responses) for both branches are pretty much the same, but Army is still a little more random than AF. Does anyone have any solid info on this?



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May 15, 2009
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I highly recommend you go and shadow one day in each type of facility, that will help you make an honest, educated decision.