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Jan 16, 2007
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Careers in Medicine from the AAMC just sent out this newsletter with a little diddy on PM&R. It was just sent out to our MS 1's, 2's and 3's today by one of our faculty. Just thought you all might like to see this.

I also note that Dr. Kaelin (Emory) was interviewed for the article, and he adresses that the one myth he would like to dispell is that physiatrists do NOT do physical therapy. I swear, I should walk around school with a sign on my back saying that.

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Thanks for the link

I am glad they spoke positively about our field, and Dr. Kaelin did a great job representing us

My one criticism is that the article gave a very rehabilitation focused representation of our field- it wasn't until much later in the article that the importance of outpatient musculoskeletal rehab was mentioned

In marketing efforts, to the extent that PMR is recognized, it's usually for our role in inpatient rehabilitation. While this is important, this underemphasizes what is the largest and fasting growing part of our field- outpatient musculoskeletal care.

No article is perfect, however, so it is nice to see our field represented in a positive light
It's a "nice" article, but it makes our field sound about as exciting as pudding. I think that it also neglects to mention some significant trends in the specialty that new applicants should be aware of before applying: A shift in practice preference among recent graduates away from inpatient medicine toward outpatient procedurally-oriented delivery of care; a focus on musculoskeletal medicine and non-operative orthopedics; declining reimbursement for hospital-based rehabilitation and traditional rehab-related services; a complete lack of discussion about subspecialty options such as interventional pain management, neuromuscular medicine, sports medicine, pediatrics, etc.