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ASDA's 34th Annual Session


Toof Sniper
10+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Dec 13, 2001
Longitude 80.0W Latitude 40.44N
  1. Non-Student
Hey fellow SDN colleagues:

I know it's early, but are any of you planning on or may be considering going to the 34th ASDA Annual Session/Convention in New Orleans in the first week of September? I know that first years (D1) may have trouble getting excused from classes, but I know 3rd and 4th years (D3 & D4) are usualy excused from classes to attend ASDA Days and/or ASDA conventions.

Since I haven't been to one yet, I'm strongly considering going to this one, especially I'll know some LSU dental students and/or residents from my externship there this summer (June-July). I thought maybe we can have a SDN Dental night out, a chance to meet in person?! Doggie? Cusp? Standford? Gavin?

Who's in?

The Musketeer

Guardian of Justice
10+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Jan 24, 2004
Cleveland (ON, Can)
  1. Dentist
Since Yah-E has started this, I might just as well continue it...

I will be going to the ODA/CDA Spring Convention at the Metro Convention Centre from May 6-8 (with an invitation from my dentist) and I am wondering if any of my fellow Torontonians will be going also?
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Full Member
15+ Year Member
Feb 3, 2002
  1. Dentist
Gavin: Half your class!!!! Holy smokes. That's like 20 something students representing one school. The most I've seen from one school is like 10 students, with an average of 3 or 4 from each school.

You should all DEFINITELY go to the annual session. I've been to two and they are awesome. Lots of ASDA fever - you go to meetings and business sessions all day (8 - 4) and learn SO MUCH about dental student issues and what your fellow dental students are doing on so many important issues (licensure, loans, etc), Then be prepared to party with your fellow ASDA peeps from all over the country at night for 4 days straight.

You'll leave ready to go back to your school and improve your local ASDA chapters and get more involved in general. It is also easier to get more involved at the national level after attending an annual session. Personally, I became involved with the member publications after my first annual session b/c I like to write. I've wrote for ASDA news and Mouth a few times and I've really enjoyed it. Anyone read about "Deciphering HIPAA" last month in ASDA news? Boring, I know, but I wrote it.
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