ASHP Midyear prep thread

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Sep 30, 2019
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Friendly reminder that ASHP Midyear is just around the corner. How prepared are you?

  • Have you had your updated CV reviewed and printed a few copies just in case?
  • Do you have business cards handy?
  • Do you have a list of programs to talk with, and do you have good questions prepared for them?
  • Is your professional attire clean and pressed?

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I would add: be relaxed while talking to the programs. Nothing is sadder than a candidate who is obviously nervous. I would suggest practice interviewing so you have had a chance to think of the best examples, best way to highlight your achievements. Best if you practice with someone who has experience interviewing and not just your friends.

Get your LinkedIn profile if you don't already, and make sure it reflects your CV but with extra pizzazz.

And make sure that if your interviewer googles your name, they won't see anything you don't want them to see.

Not sure of the utility of business cards. They went into my drawer for a year or two until I threw them out in the next cleaning. LinkedIn is better. Though maybe just to keep up the appearances...

And a random thought: one time I was interviewing at ASHP and had a couple VPs with me there, both MDs, they pulled me aside and asked "why are all the pharmacists wearing the most boring black suits"? I couldn't find a better answer than to point out that the two suits I brought were navy and gray, and the gray one was not a conservative cut by a mile! So yes, a suit doesn't need to be a boring black square!
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Definitely agree on LinkedIn. I will say this for business cards - I have a couple of candidates give me cards with both a picture and either a link to their LinkedIn or an actually QR code pointing there. This was way better than being handed a CV because it wasn't as annoying to carry around.

Don't go too wild on the suit, but my business gray suit has served me well for both residency and job interviews.