Missing ASHP midyear

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Apr 16, 2019
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I wont be able to attend midyear this year because I will be completing an international rotation during that time. Is this going to be detrimental in me getting a residency? I am very committed to hopefully getting a residency or fellowship. Any suggestions??

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Midyear will not affect your ability to gain interviews for residency. Might hurt your fellowship chances since they interview onsite during PPS.
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Midyear is more for your information and getting to meet the people in the programs all at once. You can still reach out, show interest, and ask questions at Open Houses or email.
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An international rotation will look good. Before midyear, you should find the programs you would have visited at showcase, write down the questions you would have asked, and send each an e-mail.
"I am very interested in your program but will not be able to attend Midyear this year as I will be in (country) on an international rotation. I was hoping you will be able to answer a few questions for me..."
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no. It won't affect your chances.
To provide more context having been on the "other side" during Midyear: My voice was very tired from talking to dozens of people answering mostly the same questions repeatedly. It feels more important as an applicant than it really is, other than determining your fit for a program and how you like the RPD/residents.

For bad or good reasons, I could probably only remember a handful of people afterward. Usually the "good" is having met them multiple times before anyway as it is very hard to stand out in a positive way without showing you researched the program extensively. The bad is more people who interrupted others or asked strange/irrelevant questions. Even the people who asked questions already answered on the website/brochure, which is annoying, were hard to remember because it happens enough. By the time applications come around, almost everyone was forgotten unless the program decided to keep tabs on people. Most do not or just (maybe) give you a point for checking into the booth.