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Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by AtYourCervix, May 22, 2002.

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    hey umich students!!

    upon looking at the extensive housing packet that was sent to me, i have determined that i want to live in an apartment by myself close to the medical school. seems that the island drive apartments and medical center court apartments are considered the "med student ghetto," and im mostly considering those two places right now. do any of you know of any pros/cons to living in either of these places? is it silly to limit myself to these two complexes? most importantly, i want to live buses...and i want to live by myself in an efficiency.

    thanks for any advice!!
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  2. AtYourCervix,

    I will be a MS1 in the fall too, yah!

    I'm by far not the best person to give any input, but since no one has answered . . . during a welcome weekend I went to there, they showed us the co-ed fraternities and a few of the apartments that many students live in, including med center court and island drive apartments. They are right next to each other. They are both pretty nice/ok. The only difference that I saw was that Island drive was a little cheaper in rent, while med center court was a little nicer.

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