MD Rochester Housing?

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Jul 26, 2020
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Hey there pals, first time poster. I got accepted at U Rochester Medical (yay!) but wasn't offered housing until earlier this month. I signed the lease because it was really my only option, but it's for a 2Br/1Bth in graduate housing, and I've had negative amounts of luck finding a roommate. Any advice? Or anybody here who needs housing? I've run out of ideas.

I've sent mass emails to med school classes of 2024 and 2023, posted in 2 different roommate finder spreadsheets, reached out to people in those spreadsheets, looked on places4students (which is what URochester uses for roommate hunting) and posted in my class's fb group. I've reached out to the University Apartments office, but they don't assign roommates for grad students and they had no other ideas or advice.

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Does your roomie have to be a med/grad student, per the lease? -->, your class FB page (or whatever SM platform y'all are using), and cross your fingers.
If they don't though, try craigslist or FB housing pages for Rochester