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Aug 6, 2002
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I posted a similar topic in the pre-allopathic forum, but you guys will probably be more likely to answer my question because many of you are probably in the same boat with me. Basically I'm wondering if those August MCATers who have already sent in their AMCAS applications have any advantage of those that have not? I know that schools process the applications in the order that they are received, but is this true even for applications that do not have MCAT scores? I have kind of been assuming that they basically "put aside" August MCAT applications until the scores are released. If this is true, then it really wouldn't matter if you get your application in 2 months or 2 days before MCAT scores are released. What I was hoping to do was fill out my whole application now and wait to send it in until I see my scores via the online option. If they are ok, then "theoretically" I could send in my app before the scores are "officially released" and be on an equal playing field with all the other August test-takers.

Is there any truth to this? If anyone knows about this, I could really use your help.



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Sep 3, 2001
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I have heard that August test takers are at a disadvantage. But after asking around last saturday, I found out that most of the people taking the MCAT had not sent in an application and didn't plan to until they get their scores. I spoke with one medical school who said that we should go ahead and apply and get the secondaries, LOR's, transcripts, etc. in so that all they would have to wait for is the scores. These seems reasonable as long as your fairly confident that you did well on the MCAT. The application process can be very expensive. Just be sure to apply to a wide variety of schools, so that depending on your score, you should get an interview somewhere.

Good luck!!!!


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Jun 22, 2000
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I know some people have chosen to send out the applications in June despite having a poor April score, yet they have also chosen to retake in August.

This isn't my situation (I haven't sent out and not planning to do so this year), but I'm just curious -- do they have an option of somehow not having the application looked at without the new score yet? Otherwise they can be rejected prematurely with poor April scores, no?
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