Oct 15, 2009
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I'm a final year student at an Australian MBBS program.

I am also an international student (Canada).

I'm sure everyone knows about the whole internship issue.

Just wondering if anyone out there has any info about the possibility of an int'l student from an Australian university coming over to NZ for internship.

Only problem I seem to be seeing at the moment is that NZ internships start in late November, and my graduation date is mid-December... At least the graduation 'ceremony', will have to speak to my medical school about how I might be able to arrange something if I'm serious about applying to NZ. That, or I'll have to wait a year, which I'm not sure as to whether that'll make me less favorable as an applicant.

Anyone heard of stories of how Australians have gone over to NZ for post-grad? It sounds like it's more common that it happens in the other direction due to, apparently, bad wages in New Zealand.

But with my situation, I have to reach out in case I end up jobless here in Australia.

Anyone know whether NZ is keen on taking advantage of that 'tsunami' of students spilling over just across the Tasman Sea?



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Apr 4, 2012
New Zealand
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First and foremost you need a job offer and a work visa; check www.immigration.govt.nz and with the applicable DHBs (District Health Boards)

As far as medical registration I am fairly certain automatically; to be sure check with the Medical Council www.mcnz.org.nz

Salary for a first year House Officer is about $70,000 + overtime, you're better off money wise staying in Australia where I hear from my contacts the pay is closer to double.


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Apr 25, 2007
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Just to clarify the salary for intern year in NZ. We do not get overtime here, unlike OZ. RMOs that are permanently employed by DHBs (all interns) are on salary. These salaries are graded on the average amount of hours you would work in that run. (I.E. Grade A is 65+, Grade B 64-60, Grade C 59-55, etc. Going down to like Grade F.) These grades vary depending on what hospital you work at in what city. With usually bigger cities having higher grade runs, but rural places in NZ get a 4,000 annual rural bonus. In Auckland City for instance most runs would fall in the grade B, grade C categories. Grade B being mainly surgical runs and grade C being medical. A first year grade B run currently pays 85,000 annually and Grade C 76,000 annually. My first year I had two grade b and two grade C runs. So you make roughly 80,000 a year. You can pick up additional shifts sometimes which do pay an hourly rate, but this is on top of the already scheduled roster which includes long days, weekends, nights, etc. I believe in OZ you get a base salary, but you get paid "overtime" when you work afterhour shifts. This isn't the case in NZ.
Having said that, I still think making 80,000 dollars the year after you graduate isn't small change and most new graduates in other fields would be over the moon if they made this kind of money first year of a real job.
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