Australia vs Canada

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Mar 1, 2012
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What are the options for a South america graduated dentist to go and practice the profession in this countries or starting to study to get a specialization degree and then start working as a specialist there or something like that.

What opportunities offer those 2 countries for that kind plan and which one you guys see more probable?, I have read some things on this forum and in both councils, but still don't get a lot of things, so I open this thread so that you guys can help me.

So thing like what program you think is better to take?, Which universities admit foreign dentist for specializations and then give you permission to practice it there?. Are credits or scholarship given to international dentist to study? Or is it easier to just go present the exams and start practicing general dentistry?

I ask for this countries because of the Migration plans they have, cuz right now I don't have visa to go anywhere and I guess It would be easier to get a visa in a country that is actually wanting people to go there.

I know thats a lot of questions and a broad topic but bare with me please..

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